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What is the Constellation Executive Network (CEN)?


R "Ray" Wang, best-selling business book author of Disrupting Digital Business and chairman of Constellation Research shares his perspective and what you gain by joining. <1.5 minute short video


The Constellation Executive Network brings to together innovative executives often recognized as market leaders or fast followers with like-minded colleagues, thought leaders, and Constellation's analysts with a mission to support the digital transformation of enterprises faster and more effectively. These pragmatic, forward thinkers tap curated Silicon Valley insights and technology insider's knowledge when they join one of these two options.


1) CEN QUICK START - (Online purchase now available)
Created for busy leaders interested in timely insights, one hour of four targeted 1-1 analyst inquiries annually, and easy access to a select community of innovative executives via our mobile app. Includes Constellation Insights. 

Designed for those leaders ready for an even more comprehensive solution for their business needs and career aspirations. Includes CEN Quick Start and much more. Executives join our CXO Advisory Board or Executive Thought Leadership Council with their annual subscription.

Examples include options for more inquiries, access to our Research Unlimited Library, access to Constellation Insights via our mobile app and website, reserved seats at our flagship innovation summit for executives, Connected Enterprise, as well as a variety of exclusive introductions and opportunities.

What are the three key advantages?

1) Customized 1-1 inquiries
Direct access to our seasoned analysts who cover these business theme areas as your advocate. Our analyst experts help unravel complex issues associated with deploying transformational digital business models or pursuing disruptive technology initiative that can can help fuel faster business growth or improve customer experiences.

2) Full access to Constellation Research (a.k.a. Research Unlimited) and Constellation Insights
Complete access to breaking news, assessment of M&A implications, research reports, videos, the latest research, and more to help expedite troubleshooting or problem solving in the Age of Disruption where winner takes all. 

3) A little extra
Events, new connections,  as well as private invitations to events and cutting-edge research before it is shared with the public.

Our differentiator:
Constellation’s team of seasoned analysts provide unbiased, insightful analysis with context. We focus on how to deliver business value, by applying real world experience and providing insights you can use. We strive to offer a tailored, personalized experience for busy leaders.  

What we stand for:
We’re passionate about how business models can be transformed by disruptive technology. Our goal is to help enterprise business leaders realize the Art of the Possible


* The fine print: Qualified executives are typically buyers of technology. If you'd like membership access to our research, and don't qualify for the Constellation Executive Network, take advantage of Research Unlimited instead and ask about Constellation Insights as membership part of your bundled package.